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News  |  Posted on: 5th Nov 2021 - 04:38 am

The 2nd of November every year is always unique around the world, not only for Catholics who remember all who have died and pray for their peaceful repose in heaven, but indeed for most peoples of the world who have seen the need to have a special day to remember our beloved ones who have passed on to the great beyond.

In Western countries, it is even preceded by the traditional Halloween (a kind of masquerading on the eve of All Saints - November 1). This Halloween unfortunately has just made it look like just a fun activity, almost eschewing the fact that the focus is for All Souls remembrance day.

This year, the students of Claret Academy Secondary School Gariki had a joint mass for the commemoration of All Souls (which began at 12 noon) with the pupils of our partner school, St. Peter's Nursery/ Primary School Gariki. Our Director, Fr. Matthew Mmuo cmf was the Chief celebrant. During the homily, he expressed in the simplest of terms the mystery of death, the need to pray for the dead as a faith action especially in the Catholic Church, and the Theology of purgatory.

Other priests present were our Pastoral Director, Fr. Peter Onele Cmf and the Parish Priest of St.Peter's Parish Gariki, Fr. Steve Kalu, cmf who facilitated this unique joint celebration. We look forward to more joint activities among our schools.


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